• What is Fiber Optic Service?
    • Fiber Optic Service is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point to individual buildings. Packages can include high-speed internet, along with cable TV and basic telephone service.

      A fiber optic cable is an insulated network cable containing glass fibers. They are designed for long distance, high-performance data networking (internet service), and telecommunications (phone service).

      Fiber optic cables have a higher capacity for network bandwidth than traditional cables. It is also less susceptible to electromagnetic interference with the physical properties of the glass fibers.

      The City of Ammon is expanding its Fiber Optic Service across neighborhoods where there is a high demand for it. You can register to show interest and demand for Fiber Optic Service in your neighborhood.

  • How much does it cost?
    • It is important to understand that the cost of the Fiber Optic Service is broken down into three categories, which we’ve put into a monthly estimate below. You’ll need to pay for the installation of the fiber line to your home, a monthly city utility fee, and the payment to your internet service provider (ISP).


      The installation is estimated to cost $3,200-$3,600 for fiber projects in the City of Ammon. This cost can be paid in full at the time of installation, or through an annual fee with low interest rates over 15 years.

      City Utility

      There is a city utility fee associated with the Fiber Optic Service to pay for maintenance and operation of the line. The monthly cost of this is $20.00.

      Internet Service Provider (ISP)

      You have the option to choose your own ISP (see Who are the service providers? for more info on providers and plans). Each ISP has their own options for plans, but for a residential property that wants internet at 1Gbps (1000Mbps) with no caps, you’ll be looking at around $10 - $25 per month depending on the ISP.

      Monthly Breakdown using annual installation payment

      This is an estimated monthly breakdown we’ve come up with to show you what the average cost looks like. Keep in mind, the installation fee is paid annually (or all up front lowering your average monthly cost) and we are just showing an average estimated cost per month. Depending on the installation cost of the project and the service you choose, the cost could be slightly more or slightly less.

      Installation = $23.00/month (averaged)

      Maintenance and operation = $20.00

      Service (Internet Only), 1Gbps = $9.99

      Total= $52.99

  • What is an LID?
    • The LID, or Local Improvement District, is a tool that allows us to provide you with a long-term payment plan with low interest rates on the installation of the fiber cables.

      Each project we complete is an LID, and any person that opts in to Fiber Optic Service through an LID that their neighborhood is a part of has the opportunity to utilize this long-term payment plan rather than pay the estimated $3,000-$3,500 installation cost in full.

      LID Certificates Status Map

  • When is Fiber Optic Service coming to my neighborhood?
    • We can’t say exactly when Fiber Optic Service is coming to your neighborhood until we are starting a new project. New projects are determined by the demand in each neighborhood and the cost to the city.

      The only way to increase the likelihood and rate of your neighborhood getting Fiber Optic Service is to show your interest by registering in your neighborhood and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

      You will be notified via mail when Fiber Optic Service is coming to your neighborhood.

  • What equipment do I need?
    • You will need to purchase a wireless router to support the service from your internet service provider (ISP).

      We have seen good success with Netgear products. You will need to select your router based on the size of your home and the number of devices connected. For homes 1,500 sq. ft. and under consider the R6700. For homes up to 3,500 sq. ft. consider the R8000. Visit the Netgear store for more information.

      For homes over 3,000 sq. ft. consider a mesh system like Google Wifi.

      For those wanting cutting edge technology consider the Ubiquiti AmpliFi ALIEN Router.

      While any wireless router will work, you will want to make sure you select a router that will meet your expectations because your wireless router is what connects your devices to your fiber service. Over 90% of customer complaints come from their WiFi router's performance, not from the actual fiber service.

      Your internet service provider will not provide a router, but they will have equipment available for telephone service if you choose to bundle that in with your service.

      We will provide the fiber cables.

  • Who are the internet service providers?
    • Current internet service providers (ISPs).

      • Advanced Stream
      • Direct Communications
      • Fybercom
      • QwkNet
      • Sumo Fiber

      You can login to a demo account in our customer portal to see the different ISP plans available.

      Just click "My Account" above and log in with the credentials below.

      Username: coademo

      Password: coademo

  • What should I expect for the installation?
    • We will set up a home meeting to discuss all installation details with each homeowner. Some things to be aware of include:

      • Potential landscape disruption. We will need to dig up a place for the line outside. Any disruption will be repaired, including new sod placement.
      • We will be putting a box on the outside of your house, however, you will have a say in where this goes.
      • We are only responsible for the line outside your home. If you want to extend the line to a central area within your home you will be responsible to do so. We can refer contractors to assist with this. We will provide the fiber to be ran inside the home.

  • Who do I call for support?
    • You can call the City of Ammon during office hours at 208-612-4000 to be directed to the right person for your requested support.

      If you need support related to your internet, phone, or cable service, we would suggest trying to call your service provider first. If you can’t reach them, please call us.

  • Where are you building now?
  • What happens if I don't sign up for fiber when my neighborhood has it?
    • Nothing will happen if you don’t sign up for Fiber. You will continue on with the same service that you’ve always had.

      You can always opt in to receive Fiber if you should decide that you want it later down the road. However, if you don’t opt in to Fiber during the LID while the construction crew is in your neighborhood, the cost of the installation will need to be paid upfront - amortization, or financing, will not be available when the LID is closed. If your neighborhood is in an LID, you will receive a letter in the mail to notify you when it is closed.