Ammon Fiber Optic Map

What is Fiber Optic Service?

The best way to deliver Internet and network services is through optical fiber. Fiber is the clear winner when compared to other wired or fixed wirelss technologies. Unlike other solutions, fiber performance can be constantly improved without requiring any new fiber. That's why fiber is said to be "futureproof".

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Running fiber all the way to the home (fiber-to-the-home) is the best method of providing more reliable and robust internet, video and voice services.

The City of Ammon is expanding its Fiber Optic Utility across neighborhoods where there is enough demand. The City measures demand by tracking online sign ups. Residents interested in seeing fiber brought to their neighborhood should 'sign up' to show their interest, thereby helping the City decide where to extend the utility next.

How can I get fiber?

First, the City needs to get fiber installed in your neighborhood. Voluntary improvement projects are created for this purpose. These projects are expanding Fiber Optic Service into more neighborhoods. As potential project areas are identified, residents within the proposed project boundaries will be notified via email (as per the contact information provided via the sign up form).

Once a neighborhood is selected for a project, each property owner has the opportunity to receive fiber by filing an 'Opt-In Certificate' with the City. This certificate officially requests the installation of Fiber and serves as a binding commitment to pay for the installation either upon project completion or over time by means of a municipal bond attached to the property. If a project is already under way in your neighborhood, you can pick an opt in certificate from the City or download it here.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or watch the video below.

How can I get fiber if my neighborhood has it but my property doesn't?

This can happen when a property located within an improvement project does not request an installation. Since there is now fiber avialable in the neighborhood, you can request an installation. However, there is no longer any way for the City to assist with financing. Therefore, all install costs must be paid in full.

Why should you care?

Because joining the Ammon Fiber Optic Utility presents a unique value with unique benefits.

Fiber Optic benefits:

Open Access benefits:

Utility benefits:

In the short term, you can enjoy superior service for the same or even less than you are paying now.

Over time, no other option compares to the value found by joining the Ammon Fiber Utility. Once the installation costs are paid, no other option comes even comes close in price or performance.

So if Ammon is your home and you want to invest in yourself and the local community, please give serious consideration to joining us as we 'build the next internet'.