LID Certificate Status Map Fiber-Ready Developments

This map shows the current LID's where we can install fiber.

Construction has started on the 2020 project which includes the Woodland Hills, Courtland Ridge, Highland Springs and Fox Hollow subdivisions. If you live in any of these subdivisions and have questions please contact the City office at 208-612-4000.

LID's 1, 2 and 3 have completed. However, you may still receive fiber to your home in these areas. Please contact the City at 208-612-4000 for more details.

What is an LID?

The LID, or Local Improvement District, is a tool that allows us to provide you with a long-term payment plan with low interest rates on the installation of the fiber cables.

Each project we complete is an LID, and any person that opts in to Fiber Optic Service through an LID that their neighborhood is a part of has the opportunity to utilize this long-term payment plan rather than pay the estimated $3,000-$3,500 installation cost in full.